The first update

Welcome to Parallels 1.1!

This update introduces sounds and several QoL changes. To get the update, you have to redownload your game. Your progress will be saved.


-Added sound for jumping, dieing, switching blocks and switching controls. 
You can turn sound on/off in the main menu. The game however unfortunately doesnt have music yet.

-You can now switch witch player you control directly by pressing "X".
This was suggested by Sea Jay. I personally find playing normally easier, but thats maybe because Ive played the game alot.

-If you die 10 times to one spike, it will dissapear.
A lot of people found the game rather difficult, getting "stuck" on levels, this should make it so the player can progress easier if they are stuck. Is it abusable? Yes. But dont do that.


-Changed level 1 and 4 to have more "room" between jumps, removed a spike from level 2, adjusted one of the changable platforms in level 6 and slightly changed the layout in level 7.
Little changes to levels to make the game a bit easier.

-Fixed a bug where the game would crash at the end. Whoops.


Parallels.exe 2 MB
Sep 03, 2017

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