Progress and other things.

So, its been a while.

I've done several things. Firstofall, I've made the whole game bigger. In the Music Jam version the player is 16x16px, now its 64x64. This also makes spikes smoother. Second, there are a few new features:

There are two new features:

-The pointy green thing. Once you touch it, it makes you fly. You can then press left or right to fall again.

-The portals. They teleport you. Yeah.

However, there are a few problems. I am experiencing lag spikes and cant find what's causing them. So, I would appreciate it if you'd play the SStest3.exe version of the game and leave feedback in this form. It would help greatly! (please note the word "test" in the files name)


SStest3.exe 3 MB
Nov 02, 2017

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