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Greetings, Sorcerer! Our village has once again come under attack from the terrible barbarians and their even-more-terrible monsters. This time they have gotten past our defenses and are heading to destroy our houses. You are our only hope.

But unfortunately, your powers are a bit... wild. If used too much you yourself could go crazy and destroy some houses. So be careful. Because a moment might strike where you'll have to sacrifice a house yourself to destroy more enemies...

How to play:

  • A/D to move;
  • SPACE to jump;
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot;
  • RIGHT CLICK to use a spell;
  • S to use another spell.
  • Spells have a wildness rating - it's by how much you increase your wildness meter by using it. If the meter reaches 100 you will go crazy and destroy a house!
  • Throughout the game waves of enemies will come to break the village's houses apart, do not worry as they will ignore you. And then do worry because your friends live in said houses!
  • After each wave you will either unlock a new spell or gain the option to upgrade a spell.
  • Defend with at least one house standing for 9 waves, and you'll be victorious!

Hotfix 1:

  • Fixed an unintended "feature" where you could skip waves if you pressed a specific button.
  • Fixed audio crackling.

Hotfix 2:

  • Fixed a spelling mistake.
  • Made it clearer to see what happened if you go wild as soon as you complete a wave.
  • Fixed half a dozen bugs that change caused.
  • Fixed a bug where you could switch directions while wild.

Made by rubr, Shess and Theodote in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 43.

Install instructions

Download the .zip, extract it and run the game!


utwn_hf2.zip 4 MB


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The games best core strenght is the very interesting skill tree that is fun to explore and that sort of takes the players hand and guides him through.

The game also does a good job creating fun and diverse waves of enemies that are fun to fight and overcome.

You could have been more effective explaining the goal of the game inside the game itself. I was pretty sure I'd need to defend the existing houses, so I sort of did it … but then again, I sometimes was teleported to the houses and had no idea why. Seems to be connected to the 'wildness', however, although I beat the game, I don't know what that exactly is and how it works.

You should also focus more on communicating game events clearly. What I mean is, again, the wildness thing (that I didn't understand), but also hit feedback on enemies is very vague and so the different weapons and skills very often don't communicate to the player if they had a massive impact or not. The later skills do, but especially at the beginning, more hit feedback would be great.


Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, the games mechanics aren't explained very well within the game, mostly because we ran out of time and had to resort to putting that information on the game's page.

Could you elaborate what exactly do you mean with hit feedback?

(1 edit)

By hit feedback, I mean that, when an enemy is hit, he could flash white, play a certain animation and/or trigger a certain particle effect, debending on what he was hit by. These indicators would help to identify more clearly what I, as a player, did, if and how effective it was and would create a better resonance with my chosen weapon and skill.